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A new solution to help beginner, interdmediate and advanced players of instruments with fretboard.

Weather you looking for a more harmonic melody, alternative chord substitutions, what your fretboard looks like in a different tuning, or want to transfer you music knowledge to a new instrument. The Fretboard Calculator is a fast easy solution.

  • Great app
    - by Bo-Kral – Apr 23, 2016
    In a nice layout it provides complete picture of the fretboard, in my case banjo. I have several books on scales, chords but this APP ties it all to fretboard. Well worth having - good reference and look up AP.
  • Surprisingly Awesome
    by Steve the Ripper – Feb 17, 2015
    As Song Writer, musician and aspiring producer this is fantastic app. Its great for practice giving me a reference for chords and scales on both the ukulele and guitar.
  • Finally!
    by BuffaloShrimp – Oct 17, 2014
    Chord illustrations in chord apps are typically limited to six-string guitar chord tones that one can capture with four fingers - six notes max. This app not only reveals chord tones over the entire fretboard- it also includes a four-string bass mode making it extremely useful to the student of the "walking" base line. Chord and scale selection is quick and easy (not the miserable rolling wheel). This is a wonderful app! If a note name/modal number toggle (All I see are black and red dots) and the notes on the nut were added to the mix, I'd give this app eight stars! Thanks for a great app!
  • Not for beginners but..
    by Jakdooelwbahifoebqbshci – Aug 11, 2017
    When I got his app, I knew very little about scales and keys on a fretboard. At first I couldn't see any rhyme or reason. I didn't even know what the numbers meant. But pretty much after I figured that out, it turned into a great resource thatbisnfast and easy to use. It's not for true beginners like they advertise, but after you know what everything means it becomes useful.
  • Pretty good
    by Tetrazzini 2010 an – May 10, 2017
    Just got it. I am still checking it out. It looks like it's gonna be very useful. I'm not sure about the chord configuration yet. It has a lot of options though. I like how you can click on the chords, scales etc. to isolate or change or lookup. It would be nice to get examples of chords on a chord grid. I have a pretty good knowledge of chords, jazz chords included, just not very certain how to read all the chords, I understand fretboard visualization seeing different patterns in that point it gets five stars. Definitely worth the money.
  • Extra-chord-inary
    by johhny ringo – Apr 4, 2016
    Lots of chords No clutter A tone of scales Highly recommended

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